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About the campaign

In support of

  • Lanna Action for Burma

Reports about Rape as War Crime

  • “Catwalk to the Barraks” (Mon State, 2005)
  • “Licence to rape” (Shan State, 2002)
  • “Shattering Silences” (Karen State, 2004)
  • Position Paper Prepared by the Women’s League of Burma

Ressources about Burma

  • ALTSEAN-Burma
  • Amnesty International
  • Assistance Association for Political Prisonners (Burma) AAPP
  • Burma Campaign (UK)
  • Burmese Monks Association
  • Canadian Friends of Burma
  • Democratic Voices of Burma
  • Earthrights International
  • Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l’Homme (FIDH)
  • Human Rights Watch
  • National Coalition Government of Union of Burma (NCGUB)
  • Online Burma Library
  • Rights & Democracy: Burma
  • The Irrawady Magazine
  • US Campaign for Burma
  • Women of Burma

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Panties for Peace – Canada

A Campaign to Support Women of Burma

A campaign in solidarity with the women of Burma, supported by Rights & Democracy


Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Feminists

Generally, celebrities are likely to attempt to remain under the radar when it comes to hotly controversial social issues. The reason for this is that they do not want to alienate any binomo segment of their fan base, so one cannot blame them for that. Feminism is one such issue, and although a lot of celebrities have been coy about their views regarding it, there are some who have been clear that they are feminists, and they do not care about the consequences .

Beyoncé is likely to be the first person that comes to your mind when you hear the words celebrity and feminist together. She wrote a long essay detailing her views on feminism, stating her stance on the equality of women and other issues. Apart from that, she has been known to include feminist displays in her binomo minimum deposit performances and even worked with writer Chimamanda Adichie to produce a song centered on feminism.

John Legend is another celebrity who is very vocal about his feminist ideals. He has worked with several charities to raise funds for use in improving the lives of women around the world. He has also declared that all men ought to be feminists, even if they enjoy http://www.camplace.com, since it would lead to a better society for all.

Live Sex Chat platforms are a great place to find a feminist with whom to enjoy some time of discourse about any topic you like. Many of the beautiful models whom you will be able to choose from for your sessions are feminists, and have decided to do what makes them happy, regardless of society’s opinion about it. They are all very intelligent and witty, so you will definitely find your conversations with them to be interesting. Whether you want to discuss feminism or just have some fun and passionate chats, they will be able to make you happy. You can decide when to begin and stop the Live Sex Chat conversation, so it will not be a hindrance to your normal day to day activities in any way .

Ellen Page is another celebrity whose feminist leanings you might not be aware of. She has made the representation of women in Hollywood the focus of her activism, is binomo safe and often citizens the way other female celebrities refuse to call themselves feminists. Kathleen Hanna, the Punk Singer, has had a career track record of consistently standing up against the status quo. She has called out other celebrities like Taylor Swift for shying away from the word feminist and has made her stance known that the biggest problem that women have to face in the world today is poverty.

That is in the sense that the constant struggle to afford basic necessities doesn’t leave most women the time to join the feminist movement, like the models on Live Sex Chat can. In all, it is obvious that in spite of all the PR risks and considerations of not offending a part of the market, there are many feminist celebrities who are not afraid to let the world know what they believe.